Fish Market Restaurant menu Eilat
Salads and full of free perks included in the recipe
Without major diner will be charged at 39 NIS
A child does not invite to children will be charged at 19 NIS
Fish soup - "Fish Market" 54/38 NIS
You can order plus shrimp
Chopped salad 24 NIS
Tomato, cucumber and onion finely chopped, plus parsley, olive oil and lemon
38 Greek salad NIS
Tomato, cucumber and onion coarsely chopped olive oil and lemon, with kalamata olives, feta cheese and oregano
32 anchovy fillets NIS
Tiny anchovies, roasted in their entirety, harissa sauce and lemon
Shrimp Treat NIS 49
5 large shrimp topped with crispy panko, served with carrots and peppers salad
Caviar 18 NIS
Served with red onion and capers
Fish & Chips 38 NIS
Strips of fish fillet in tempura, served with fries, accompanied by dips
48 Fish Carpacho NIS
Dewatering quick marinade of lemon, olive oil and sea salt
Crispy calamari rings 44 NIS
Fried calamari - served with sauces
Purple fried calamari heads 48 NIS
Served with sauces
Half a shrimp dish - a selection of 58 sauces NIS
Chicken nuggets / hot dogs plus chips / fried fish fillets and potato chips / pasta with tomato sauce
Plus 10 NIS to upgrade the dish:
Bream fillet half portion / half chicken steak portion / half fried shrimp dish
Fried Tilapia
Couples fried sardines
Filled with herbs plus seasoned steak fries
Mixed small fish - fried
Fish fillet cooked spicy red sauce
Pappardelle Salmon
Pappardelle pasta, plus salmon cubes with garlic, cream and parmesan
Pappardelle visit
Pappardelle pasta plus beef fillet with garlic, cream, sun-dried tomatoes
And Parmesan
Grilled juicy chicken steak
Selection by season market:
Dennis / Denise fillets
Red mullets
Made in accordance with grilled fish / butterfly / roasting / Half-half / oven
Meats - 99 NIS
Entrecote - 250g
Juicy beef fillet - 250g
Upgrade to 350 grams + 1
Shrimp in a variety of sauces to choose from:
Garlic, cream and parmesan
Butter, garlic and white wine
Olive oil, garlic and dried tomatoes
Cream tomatoes and garlic
Coconut milk, coriander and chilli curry
Purple squid rings
Made with butter, olives, harissa and lemon, served on yogurt and olive oil
Grilled shrimp skewer
Buttered and grilled garlic
Fried shrimp and calamari accompanied by sauces
Panko shrimp
10 pcs shrimp topped with crispy panko, served with salad dressings and spicy carrots and peppers
Mussels in butter
Garlic, white wine, herbs
Lobster stew
Fish stock, butter and garlic
Duet Fish Market
Fillet of sea bass, sea bream fillet stuffed with feta cheese and parmesan, garlic and spices
Corvina filet fresh
Pappardelle Seafood
Pasta plus shrimp, calamari and mussels in cream sauce, garlic and parmesan
Grilled jumbo shrimp
Buttered garlic, grilled
Seafood stew Fish Market
Shrimp, squid, mussels and prawns in butter, garlic and spices
34 fresh grouper NIS
Fresh farewell NIS 30
28 fresh Corvina NIS
Quick cooking lobster in white wine and spices 42 NIS
239NIS plate Fish Market
Selection of fish dishes, please ask your waiter
299NIS Seafood Platter
1 kg from the seafood menu - shrimp, calamari, mussels, jumbo shrimp, crabs -
Parmesan cream sauce
Profitrol 36 NIS
Large puffs filled with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce over
32 Tiramisu NIS
Mascarpone cheese mousse with espresso-soaked bishkotti
32 Souffle NIS
And melted in hot chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream
29 sorbet NIS
3 scoops of ice cream flavored sorbet
Tricolade 32 NIS
3 layers of white chocolate, dark chocolate mousse
Creme Brulee 32 NIS
Vanilla cream and caramel burnt
Melby 34 NIS
Cream, pistachios, peanuts, coconut, served with Kadaif hairs, rose water syrup
Goldstar 28/22 NIS
24 Goldstar unfiltered NIS
24 Maccabi NIS
Hinikn 26 NIS
28 Paulaner NIS
Tuborg Green / Red / Krslbrg 24 NIS
Stella Artois NIS 26
Nesher Malt 14 NIS

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