Fish Market opens you a luxurious table includes a selection of fresh salads, hot focaccia and extras included in the price of the main course. Starting at 79 NIS per person.

Reviews from Guests
  • I do not know which day those above me and below me came to the restaurant, but when I came to eat with some friends that ivning we got the kind service and excellent food, and after all - if you smile at the end of your meal it is a sight for a good deal. Recommended!

    OceanSean Ohio
  • Wonderful! Good atmosphere! Good price! A lot of food! Great service!Delicious food! Fast and good service! We just ordered appetizers but they brought 10 samples of salads, spreads.

    Bia S
  • Fresh sea food excellent fish and wonderful service. This place wont keep you hungry for sure. The labrak was delicious as well as the sea food plates. Great and romantic place for couples, and fits well for families.

    Daniel G
  • We come couple we very enjoy from the vibe everything was fresh and testy and the concept of the restaurant is very special and the value of the money was worth it

    rafi b
  • Great food. Wonderful environment. Very children friendly. Very good service. We had great time with kids. Don't miss it.

    Efrat C

Restaurant fish and the best seafood in Eilat

Eat atmosphere of the sea
When facing waves impassioned eyes, mouth celebrating the Great flavors: fish, exotic dishes and fresh vegetables - you can not remain indifferent!
Fresh vegetables

It is important for us to keep it fresh, everything. Because when fresh vegetables - feel it from her.

Service from the heart

Smile fish market is part of the experience. We believe that good service makes the most delicious food and the experience more enjoyable.

Exotic dishes


We got something special on the network? By now it's on your plate!

Jumbo shrimp

Immediately after the burning grilled shrimp gambas pass hot skillet with butter and lots of garlic .. just a treat.

Great fish - from the sea to the plate

Celebration of fresh fish and seafood market Great Fish - Fish Market - Fish Eat the market!


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